G Data Internet Security – Protect Your PC (Latest Review)

G Data Internet Security

G Data Internet Security Installation is as simple and the clear dashboard keeps you up to date with how long the license lasts and the status of all of its security tools.

The date of the latest updates is clearly shown as well as the time of the next scan.

It is possible to set Internet Security to only use one of the antivirus engines which allegedly improves the computer’s performance compared to using both.

As this could reduce the security of the computer there doesn’t really seem any benefit to doing this, especially as there was no apparent difference in performance.

By default Internet Security will ask what to do with infected files, but it is possible to set automatic actions.

Internet Security will check emails and can delete spam if required.

The Logs only go back two months, but checking them did reveal that malicious software had been found and blocked.

How G Data Internet Security Identify and Detect Suspicious Items?

The behaviour of other installed software is monitored and suspicious software is identified so you can decide whether you want to continue using it or not.

This freedom to choose between leaving Internet Security to keep you protected or to adjust the settings to a fairly high degree persists through the different security tools including the firewall and parental controls.

For example it is possible to set different limits for time spent on the computer and on the internet.

G Data Internet Security also comes with a security app for Android smartphones.

While it isn’t possible to scan phones in the same way as computers, G Data’s app will list what other apps can do on the phone which can help you identify suspicious ones.

Overall, G Data Internet Security is simple to install and use. It’s not perfect, but it can be extensively tweaked to suit your own preferences.