Mouse Jiggler 2.0.25: Download Latest Version for Windows

Mouse Jiggler is a simple tool that manages the movements of your mouse cursor automatically in different scenarios.

It helps you to keep your computer screen alive all the time you require for various types of purposes.

Mouse Jiggler main image

For Example, when you download or upload a file on your computer, sometimes your computer automatically put it into hibernate mode or screen server mode.

So, when that happens, your uploading or downloading procedure may get interrupted, and you will have to start it all over again.

What Is Mouse Jiggler?

Mouse Jiggler application is a lightweight app that only consumes a few kilobytes in your disk space.

Further, this tool does not require any installation.

Therefore, you can straightaway open the app and use it on your PC without having to go through time-consuming installation procedures.

There are mainly two options that you can choose on Mouse Jiggler, and those two options are regular jiggler and Zen jiggler.

When you enable the regular jiggler mode on the app, you will see the automatic mouse movements.

For Example, it would be like a human moving the mouse and mouse cursor moves on the screen.

However, when you go for the Zen jiggler, you will not have the visual movement of your mouse cursor but it will have a movement and will avoid your PC going into hibernate or screen server mode.

In simple words, this application is capable of convincing the Windows operating system that the user is working on the PC by moving the mouse.

So that Windows operating system detects it as an actual human activity using the mouse, and it will keep continuing to show the screen as usual.

Software Package Information

Application NameMouse Jiggler
File Size480.91 Kb
Content Rating4+
Supported Operating SystemWindows
System RequirementWindows 7 and Above

Download Mouse Jiggler


How to Download and Install Mouse Jiggler?

Mouse Jiggler download image

You can simply download the mouse jiggler software on your computer in few seconds.

Further, once you have downloaded the application, you will not have to complete any installation procedures.

So, in other words, once you download the tool, you can open it and use straightaway.

How to Use Mouse Jiggler?

software home screen -MJ

Once you have got this tool on your computer, you have to just open it.

Then you will see a single-window interface that shows you two options called Jiggler and Zen Jiggler.

All you have to do is check the corresponding box to use the app.

Further, when you are done using the software, you can simply uncheck the option you selected and close it.

Also, you can put the Mouse Jiggler tool the Windows system tray when it is in operation by clicking on the green mark button.

How does Mouse Jiggler help to Avoid Windows Screensaver Mode?

There are some situations where you cannot let your computer getting turned off.

For Example, when you are in the middle of installing software, or something is going on your PC, and it does not require you to sit in front of your PC.

Further, the only reason that your involvement is required to just to move the mouse cursor in order to avoid your PC going into screensaver mode.

So you can easily avoid that by automating that function with this awesome tool.

Mouse jiggler is a very useful application especially for Windows users because it could help you in avoiding automatic screen server activations or,

It could also be right to mention the fact that this application has the ability to prevent your windows operating system, detecting any idle situation in your computer.

If you want the application to pre-enabled jiggling, Run the mousejiggler.exe file with either the -j or –jiggle command-line switch.

Further, if you want to enable zen jiggling already, then you have to go with “-z” / “–zen” command-line switch.

There are few other modified mouse jiggler commands as below,

You can use the “-m” / “–minimized” command-line switch already start the app with the minimized application.

Also, you can use the “-h” / “–help” command-line switch for other helpful information.

If you need any other assistance in using this software application, please contact us

Mouse Jiggler Features (Review)

It is a sad moment when your screen dim while watching a video or running a presentation slide deck.

As we discussed, this happens when windows do not detect any Mouse or Keyboard activity for an extended period of time.

You can indeed avoid that situation in the power settings in your Windows operating system.

However, you have to do some work to get there.

Also, it is really irritating that you have to perform the same procedure to enable and disable that feature in Windows settings.

Further, if you are working in a corporate, there might be some access restrictions to change the windows settings.

This tool does not require many resources in your system, and it is a trouble-free program.

As a result, you will not even feel that software is in operation on your computer.

One of the important features of this application is that it is totally free to download and use.

Further, it works well on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i get Mouse Jiggler on servers that does not have .net 2?

Yes. you can get this tool on those servers

How to fix Mouse Jiggler box disappeared issue?

It. is not an issue. it is a feature of the application that when you check o Zen jiggle, it will minimized to the windows system tray

How to fix Mouse Jiggle stop working once minimized?

You probably have to update the software to its latest version

Can i make the Jiggling start automatically when Windows Starts up?

No. You will have to run the tool once windows starts up

What are the alternatives for Mouse Jiggler?

One of another tool that offer the save job is that Caffeine Mouse Jiggler

Can i use Mouse Jiggler on Windows 10?

Yes. you can get it on Windows 10

Is Mouse Jiggler available for Mac and MacOS?

You can get this on Mac. However there are few other tools that work on macOS

Is there a chrome extention for Mouse Jiggler?

There are another application that comes as Chrome extensions but not this